RsKeyMgmt: German culture (no response)

One thing that quite frequently happened to me: I worked with MS SQL Server Reporting Services for quite a while, due to some reason (that I cannot assign right now) while accessing the ReportManager I get the following error message “Failed to decrypt symmetric key”. The suggestion now is to run RsKeyMgmt to delete all encrypted content and to run RsConfig to re-generate a new key. However, when running RsKeyMgmt on my machine running a German version of Windows XP I get the following: After I type in J and click on ENTER nothing happens. It just doesn’t do anything. I googled for solutions but just couldn’t find anything. The only way to get RS back to work was to reinstall it. This happened quite a few times to me until I found this post from Brian Welcker. So, the simple solution to this is to type in Y instead.

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