Below please find some new information on Windows Azure and related information: Now Available: New Services and Enhancements to Windows Azure: Announcing New Windows Azure Services to Deliver “Hybrid Cloud”: Case Study: E-Publisher Aims to Triple Revenues by Switching from Amazon to Windows Azure: Enjoy and let […]

Windows Azure: updates from the spring release

Skype for Windows Phone is now officially available in Marketplace. Download it now here. It supports free voice and video calls to other Skype users (or cheaper calls to landlines and other cell phones with Skype Credit) along with other cool features like portrait mode video calling, support for joining […]

Windows Phone: Skype 1.0 now in Marketplace

If you always wanted to learn how to script using PowerShell, this tool makes it even easier to learn and explore all the cool features. Very nice new experience of guidance and content. Check it out at

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (pre-release)

Finally, the long awaited Skype app for Windows Phone is here. This information has been announced today during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Please find a blog post here. Just in case the Zune link does not work, please try it via marketplace … this worked for me!

Skype app for Windows Phone is here

If you have some knowledge of Silverlight and .NET it will be so easy to leverage your knowledge and develop for WP7 codenamed Mango. Please see this new ad for Mango update: [youtube=]!

Windows Phone 7 – new update named Mango coming soon

Today I uploaded my first Windows Phone 7 Mango app to Microsoft’s App Hub. It is all about the service provided by It talks to their API to view TV programs/schedules, shows your own recordings as well as future highlights and top-recordings. An integrated search lets you search the […]

Yay! my first Windows Phone 7 Mango app officially published

Check this out: I just read this post from Scott Hanselman about an upcoming release from the entity framework team. This really sounds like a dream come true. For very long time now, I had to struggle with updates to database schemas. In almost any custom software development project you […]

Entity Framework Code First Migrations … sounds like a dream ...