If you are interested in cloud technologies, this is a great place to learn more about all Microsoft Cloud Technologies. You will find information on topics such as Hyper-V, SQL Azure, Windows Azure, virtualization and much more. I think it is a great source of information and learning experience.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)

Last week I learned a very interesting lesson. I am just in the end phase of a custom software delivery project. Using OLIVANOVA‘s model driven software development approach, I created a three-tier application with an ASP.NET client, a COM+ based server tier and MS SQL Server as the persistence layer. […]

ASP.NET: very slow page load leads to extremely poor user ...

If you care about privacy when sharing status updates then have a look at this Windows Phone 7 app named tickWell. tickWell is a social networking platform with a focus on privacy which enables you to record and share selected moments of your life.

Windows Phone 7: tickWell social networking

A couple of days ago, I bought some new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices for my wife and myself. I really love the new look & feel and the live tiles and hubs.One of the things I kind of struggled was the ability to sync calendars on both of the […]

Windows Phone 7: syncing calendars between different devices

A couple of days ago I did some performance tests between Oracle 10g (Express) and Oracle TimesTen. As with any commercial products, there is some licensing and costs involved. Obviously, our idea was then to look for a more cost efficient solution in order to get the same results. We specifically […]

OlivaNova application: performance comparison for H2 Database

Just recently, I had been asked to compare the performance of Oracle 10g and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database. We wanted to evaluate to what extent the performance of a mission critical system could be increased by using an in-memory database like Oracle TimesTen compared to a “regular” RDBMS like Oracle […]

OlivaNova application: performance comparison between Oracle 10g and TimesTen

Microsoft has released a security advisory about a vulnerability in ASP.NET. A security patch is already available here. Below are some details on how the vulnerability works: “To understand how this vulnerability works, you need to know about cryptographic oracles. An oracle in the context of cryptography is a system […]

Microsoft ASP.NET Security Vulnerability: “padding oracle”

As stated in a recent post, I’ve been able to create a Silverlight 4 client that accesses an OLIVANOVA generated business logic using WCF RIA Services. Well, the actual code to enable this scenario is in fact not that complicated (once you learned how to write Silverlight enabled WCF RIA […]

Silverlight 4 and WCF RIA Services generated from OlivaNova model