Silverlight Surface

It’s been a while since I first heard about Microsoft® Silverlight™ (formerly known as Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere or rather WPF/E). I read a good amount of documentation, downloaded Beta and even Alpha versions and played around with it trying to understand the way it works. Then, one day I found an awesome example showing pictures in a way I haven’t seen before in a web environment. That was it … I had to include it on my website. 

So, I started to download the sources and soon after that I discovered that it only ‘works well’ with pictures in landscape format. All others would show up, but stretched to the format specified. It took a good amount of time (especially getting into
Microsoft® Expression Blend) trying to change the layout so that you can use both formats on a single ‘surface’. The way I solved it was to create two separate XAML files, one for each format. If you have any better idea, please let me know. 

Check out the result here …

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