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Today I learned an interesting feature of JavaScript along with Firebug. Instead of using “alert” to display some trace information, you can use “console.log (“my message”);”. Together with the free web development tool Firebug, this information can then be shown in Firebug’s console window. This is extremely helpful when trying […]

JavaScript Logging

An Evaluation Version for OLIVANOVA products is available for everybody on CARE’s website. CARE stands for Computer Aided Requirements Engineering and is the producer of the MDA product OLIVANOVA.  OLIVANOVA Evaluation Version consists of: OLIVANOVA Modeler Evaluation Version setup OLIVANOVA Transformation Engines services available for 30 days A flash demo […]

OlivaNova Evaluation Version

While playing around with some XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) importing/exporting functionality, I found this great blog: MOdeling LAnguages. His service to convert from one XMI format to another is just awesome. Have a look at this site: XMI2 – A tool for exchanging UML models among CASE tools.   

XMI to XMI converter