SAP HANA Cloud Platform – custom application deployment 1

I am very excited that I managed to deploy and execute my first application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform ( today. It uses the native in-memory database and application services.
The base application source code was generated using Ciber Momentum Engineer ( and then customized to fit their platform-as-a-service environment.
I have to admit that this was not quite straight forward and I had to go through a significant amount of trial & error before I finally managed to deploy the application itself without any issues and exceptions being thrown. It also took quite a while until the database automatically got populated with all the business entities or rather tables. There are quite a lot of dependencies and restrictions that you have to know and be aware of; i.e. things like
  • JAR packages that need to be of a specific version so that Hibernate supports the DB dialect,
  • Certain frameworks and their versions that need to fit together
  • Some frameworks that the platform brings that should not be part of the application assembly
  • etc.

In one of my next posts, I will try to describe these dependencies and lessons learned so that others can hopefully benefit from this exercise.

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