I just recently did some evaluation on OLIVANOVA along with TimesTen In-Memory Database as the persistence layer. OLIVANOVA is a model driven software development environment that generates code for business software. Certified database management systems include all major relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and […]

OlivaNova is compatible with TimesTen In-Memory database

To me, Silverlight has always been a fascinating technology. I started playing around with Silverlight back in September 2007. Since then, I always wanted to create a Silverlight user interface for OlivaNova. With the first versions, the lack of standard data controls made it really difficult to implement a data-driven […]

Silverlight 4, WCF RIA Services and OlivaNova Business Logic

An Evaluation Version for OLIVANOVA products is available for everybody on CARE’s website. CARE stands for Computer Aided Requirements Engineering and is the producer of the MDA product OLIVANOVA.  OLIVANOVA Evaluation Version consists of: OLIVANOVA Modeler Evaluation Version setup OLIVANOVA Transformation Engines services available for 30 days A flash demo […]

OlivaNova Evaluation Version