Just recently I attended Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft’s annual flagship technology conference with a focus on cloud and developers. The key theme this year was around “Tech Intensity” that Satya also talked about on LinkedIn earlier this year. Here is a quote from the LinkedIn post: There are two aspects to tech intensity: First, every […]

Microsoft Ignite – Azure announcements and more

As a fun project in some spare time, I recently worked on a way to tell Amazon Alexa how to talk to New Relic Insights and retrieve some high-level information about an account. I was just curious on what it would take to get Alexa to access our Insights API […]

Fun Project: Amazon Alexa Skill for New Relic Insights

One of the things I am very interested in is the .NET stack and especially the .NET Core platform. In this blog post I want to briefly highlight what it takes to get a sample .NET Core application up and running on Azure and how to use New Relic’s Application […]

APM with Microsoft .NET Core on Azure

Last week, we had the chance to present at a local Cloud Foundry Meetup in Stuttgart/Germany and the key topic was around IBM BlueMix (BM). My idea was to show and demo something around New Relic and BM. Due to my ignorance, I actually did not know that IBM BM is […]

New Relic’s APM demo on IBM BlueMix

As a side project, I recently worked on creating a mobile app for Android (and iOS to be completed). To be honest, the development effort was quite straight forward. The development stack focused on Xamarin, because I do not know a thing about creating a native app for Android nor […]

Azure Mobile Center … and the art of debugging :-)

Background and Basics In a recent project engagement, we were assigned the job to migrate a COBOL-based mainframe application to a new environment. The core theme specifically for this project follows a re-hosting approach. The reasoning for this type of approach is agreed upon with the customer mainly due to […]

What the heck is a parser-combinator?

The path towards cloud-native applications is being adopted by more and more companies. For green-field applications this is a natural choice to architect your applications in a way so that they can be developed, deployed and operated in a cloud environment. This of course could mean on-prem, hybrid or public […]

Re-architect applications for the cloud

As a business technology architect helping clients transform their applications, I sometimes feel more like a software archeologist. It is very interesting to see how heterogeneous the technology landscape is and how diverse it is being used at customers of all size and industry sector. But, there is one common […]

What’s so important about Asymmetrical Transformation?

I am very excited that I managed to deploy and execute my first application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (https://hcp.sap.com/) today. It uses the native in-memory database and application services. The base application source code was generated using Ciber Momentum Engineer (http://momentum.ciber.com/) and then customized to fit their platform-as-a-service environment. I […]

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – custom application deployment